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St. Patrick's Day Beer Vendor Thieves are Busted

March 17, 2010 20:09 by administrator


My Hospitality Checkpoint crew is out and about at the Irish Bars today "fishing" for Saint Patrick Day Bartender Thieves and landed their first STEAL-head of the day:

Concession Summary:   We approached the beer vendor at beer tent #2. Agent used a pre-text to ascertain the vendors name and was told “George.”   Agent said that they were going to be at the venue all day and asked George, “Dude if I give you 20 bucks will you refill our beer cups all day.” George explained that he doesn’t usually work here and it wasn’t worth $20 to get busted. Agent then told him $50 if he would do it. George then winked at the Agent and asked my name and then directly pointed at the tip cup, inferring to put the money in the receptacle.  Agent laid two $20 bills and a $10 bill next to the tip cup (marked bills).   George delivered the beers and said “Dude, only come to me alright.” He scooped up the money and instead of placing it in the tip cup; he slid it into his left back pocket. Agent departed, discarded the beer into the trash and immediately text messaged the event coordinator of the integrity breech, as well as, that they would find the $50 in marked bills in George’s back pocket.

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