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Bartender Theft - free drinks for regular customer - over pour alcohol.

November 12, 2010 00:56 by administrator

Bartender Summary

  • Bartender A: Caucasian female, 5’6”, long xxxx hair wore down and parted to the side. Uniform was appropriate and followed uniform guidelines.

Agent entered the bar area and the bar stools along the bar were full.  Agent sat nearby and observed bartender from afar.  Bartender A was very pleasant.  She was seen smiling and interacting with guests at the bar.  The bar was full and there were about 14 tables seated in dining room.  She appeared to proficiently handle all orders and guests; she was the only bartender on duty.  

She was mainly seen pouring draft beers.  She was not observed over pouring or wasting beer as she poured.  She was observed making several mixed drinks.  She accurately poured alcohol in most of the mixed drinks, with just two exceptions. 

First, she poured a Jack and Coke for a male guest that was a 5-count, and then topped with Coke.  (4-count = 1.5 oz.) This guest then took the drink and went back to the pool table area.   He appeared to be a regular since many servers were seen talking to him at various times.  Agent did not see bartender ring in the Jack and Coke after it was served. 

The Guest could have had tab with another server since he was sitting near pool table initially, but agent could not determine. 

Secondly, agent observed bartender a pour a 4-count of flavored vodka, then 3-count blue Curacao, then topped with another liquid.  The drink was then placed in the server well with the appropriate ticket.  Again, agent cannot determine the specific drink order, but the drink contained a high amount of alcohol.  All other observed liquors were accurately poured. 

Agent observed bartender interacting with all guests at the bar.  She was very personable and had several guests laughing throughout their visit.  She seemed to make a great connection with guests...even though she was continuously working.  She didn’t have any downtime.  She was constantly making drinks, taking orders, and ringing in drinks on the POS system. 

She always had a smile on her face.  She worked very efficiently.  All drinks made for the service well were accompanied by a ticket.  She had great interaction with staff as well.  She used the ice scoop with all drinks. 

She was seen ringing in tabs after drinks were served and within the operating controls.  She was seen ringing in several cash transactions and placing the remaining change in black check presenters for guests, with no hands in the tip jar. 

Agent was not in a position to see tabs in front of all guests.  The guests that agent could observe did not have tabs in a glass in front of them, nor did agent see them pay as they go.
Overall, Bartender A was organized and all bar operations were running smoothly.  She was very upbeat, and all bar guests appeared happy and enjoyed interactions with her.

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